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rock that crack

Name & Nicknames//shayne - "telly" from the movie kids


status//single whore

where are you from//texas, san antonio

drug of choice//weed, tweak, all really

Drugs you've tried//weed, tweak(meth), coke, crack, brown, opium, pills all sorts, x, shrooms, micro dots, 211, hash, free-on, air duster, shit load of coke

music of choice//mellow stoner rock, old school rock, rap, anything really but country

fav bands//led zepplin, the doors, toadies, wu-tang, rx bandits, modest mouse, 311, SUBLIME, incubus, jusrrasic 5, afro-man, kotton mouth kings, pearl jam, nirvana, nas, my chemical romance, thursday, thrice, swisha house, chopped and screwed, glassjaw, tool, pink flyod, lil wyte, fugazi, gob,

some pics// im so hot u want me haha jk

dont know how to put thoes in yet this girl got me hooked on lj hahha so why not talk to druggies like me whats up everyone im a pothead and sustance abuser and a really bad speller haha
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